Daniel Lee's Final Bottega Veneta Collection

December 31, 2021

Released practically on the heels of Salon 03 which debuted in Detroit in October 2021, this one is pure Daniel Lee – distinctive with lots of standouts. Practically wearable artmasquerading as ready-to-wear pieces. The collection offers a sense of practicality, utilising the nature of clothing to enhance movement in the fabrics –- from technical nylon to crystal-punctured suede in vibrant shades patterns, lots of big proportions and textures. The accessories, inspired by everyday objects, are in gold and silver to match the overall rhythm of the Wardrobe 03 collection. Cut-out stone bracelets shine bright adding a playfulness. The shoesfocus on the ‘Tower’ heels, square toed style large chunky heels for maximum stability and the ‘Ripple’, a wave soled slip-on. Daniel Lee practically reinvented the brand for the modern world now we wait for Matthieu Blazy to work his magic.

The Front Row Team

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