A Taste of the Tropics: Thai Caviar Takes on the Culinary World

April 29, 2023

Noppadon Khamsai  and Alexey Tyutin

In the lush, sun-drenched landscape of Hua Hin, Thailand, a surprising delicacy is all set to capture the imagination of gourmands far beyond its tropical origins: Thai caviar.

Two dreamers, and co-founders, Alexey Tyutin and Noppadon Khamsai have together woven a story of culinary innovation and sustainability with their Thai Sturgeon Farm and the Caviar House Company.

An unlikely, exotic marriage of tradition and innovation, the Thai Sturgeon Farm nestled in the balmy coastal town of Hua Hin, is a far cry from the frigid waters of the Caspian Sea, where sturgeon has been harvested for centuries. As Alexey Tyutin says, “No one else has this kind of farm in a tropical climate.” With diverse backgrounds in engineering, finance, and marketing, the duo recognised an opportunity for sustainable and locally sourced caviar that would challenge conventional imports.

As a run up to production, the innovative duo skilfully enticed the nation’s taste buds by importing caviar while nurturing their own fish towards maturity. Reveals Alexey, “The caviar we import is from partner farms in Russia and China, which use the same technology, types of fish and even feed.” The idea was to introduce the local market to the taste of high-quality caviar that the Thai Sturgeon Farm now produces. Now, as their homegrown sturgeon yield their precious pearls, Thailand is primed for the taste of caviar farmed in the kingdom

HARVESTING WITH HEART: A NEW STANDARD FOR SUSTAINABILITY - At the heart of Thai Sturgeon Farm’s operation is a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. The farm “milks” the sturgeon for their precious roe, sparing the fish from the traditional fate of death. This approach not only ensures the well-being of these majestic creatures but also makes the final product even more gratifying to savour, knowing it is sourced conscientiously. Explains Alexey, “Keeping the fish alive as long as possible helps make the venture sustainable and profitable. During harvesting, sturgeon is moved to the ‘winter room’ where the temperature is set to six degrees Celsius, then increased to 15 Celsius before eggs are extracted. Our caviar is not packed with salt like the others; you can taste the eggs.”

With a maximum production capacity of 1,500 kg of black caviar per year, the farm currently produces three premium varieties of caviar:

Fine Selection:A luxurious and elegant blend of light to dark shades, this Grade A hybrid (Kaluga-Amur Sturgeon) caviar entices with its silky, full-bodied taste.

Imperial:A royal indulgence, this Grade A hybrid (Kaluga -Amur Sturgeon) caviar is golden hued with a rich and velvety taste.

Russian Traditional:Paying homage to its roots, and a favourite of many caviar enthusiasts this Grade A hybrid (Kaluga-Amur Sturgeon) caviar offers dark hues and a bold, unforgettable taste.

The caviar is multi-layered on the tongue – buttery, nutty and creamy in turn - a reflection of the high fat content possible only because of the carefully monitored temperature in the tanks.

As the world discovers the seductive charms of Thai caviar, its harmonious blend of sustainability, tropical allure, and sophisticated flavour is poised to leave an indelible mark on the culinary landscape. With Thai caviar gracing the tables of the finest restaurants and becoming a staple in every discerning gourmet’s pantry, a new chapter in the history of this luxurious delicacy is being written. Welcome to the dawn of an era where the exotic meets the exquisite, and the taste of Thailand’s caviar lingers long after the last bite.

Chef Mirco Keller’s five-course menu showcasing Thai Sturgeon Farm Caviar


Showcasing the caviar with a five-course menu was Chef Mirco Keller. His restaurant, Keller, is all about contemporary European cuisine at its most inventive.

Chef Mirco opened with a Seaweed Financier with beetroot, bonito, and Oscietra caviar. A breath-taking composition that skilfully wove together contrasting flavours and textures. A celebration of the endless possibilities that emerge when the world’s finest ingredients are brought together with unbridled passion and imagination. Upon first glance, the dish is a beautifully composed work of art. The vibrant ruby hues of the pickled beetroot cubes stand in stunning contrast to the deep jade flecks of seaweed in the financier. The umami of the seaweed adds to the tangy counterpoint of the pickled beetroot cubes that in turn play on the richness of the financier. The bonito, with its smoky, savoury undertones, lends a subtle depth to the dish and then, the pièce de résistance: the Oscietra caviar. As each precious bead bursts, it releases a symphony of flavours - a briny, buttery, and slightly nutty crescendo that melds flawlessly with the other elements on the plate.

His next presentation is a chef favourite: Mushroom Cappuccino. This one comes in an elegant demitasse and is a delightful blend of earthy flavours and velvety textures, paired with warm, comforting potato bread. The frothy soup and slightly crispy bread create a harmonious interplay, while the briny, umami-rich Hijiki seaweed butter adds an extraordinary touch.

Course number three dish brings together sweet Obsiblue prawns, rich oyster cream, anchovies, and tart Granny Smith apples, all topped with luxurious caviar. The delicate sweetness of the Obsiblue prawns is brilliantly complemented by the rich and creamy oyster base, while the anchovies add depth. The apples bring a refreshing burst of tartness and the caviar adds a touch of opulence and indulgence.

The main is Japanese Halibut coated in seaweed dust, topped with caviar and served with sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and sancho pepper sauce. In one word, it is stunning. The centrepiece of the dish is a succulent piece of Japanese halibut, perfectly cooked, dusted with seaweed and topped with a generous dollop of luxurious imperial caviar for that rich, salty note that perfectly balances the mild sweetness of the halibut. On the side is a quenelle of tangy sauerkraut that adds a delightful crunch and a touch of acidity. The base of creamy mashed potatoes provides a perfect contrast in both flavour and texture. The dish is pulled together with a luscious sancho pepper sauce that brings just a touch of controlled heat and depth to the dish.

The dessert is a refreshing coming together of guava, nougat, coconut, yoghurt and aloe vera – a array of textures and flavours – summer in all its glory in a bowl.

If you haven’t dined at Keller yet. Make a reservation now. Click Here.

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Breath-taking composition: Chef Mirco opened with a Seaweed Financier with beetroot, bonito, and Oscietra caviar.

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