Bangkok: Riverside Culinary Adventure

April 25, 2023

Capellini with Maine lobster; Red-Hot Chilli Chocolate

Anchored in Bangkok’s vibrant history as a bustling riverside capital and inland port of call, Siam Yacht Club on the majestic River of Kings offers Bangkokians a casual riverside space to indulge the taste buds and enjoy the river views. Nestled within the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers, this new dining destination entices both travellers and city dwellers with its contemporary dining ethos. Split into two, this nautical themed restaurant in blue and white offers air-conditioned comfort as well as al fresco dining.

We chose the deck, it’s a bit warm to begin with but the river breeze helps. The nautical theme reigns supreme – a bowline rope knot serves as a napkin holder, the cocktails reference the sea and the river, the menu is seafood heavy and the logo is a stylised anchor.

Our culinary voyage begins with Ahi Tuna Volcano Maki topped with a fiery touch of burnt (broiled) sriracha – a delightful fusion of flavours and textures. As you take your first bite, the succulent, ruby-red slices of ahi tuna captivate your palate with their delicate freshness, beneath the luscious tuna lies a maki roll, brimming with perfectly seasoned sushi rice, crisp cucumber, and creamy avocado. The ‘burnt’ sriracha adds a smoky complexity that accentuates the tuna’s natural richness and gives the dish its volcano reference.

Black Onyx Black Angus from Rangers Valley Farms; Ahi Tuna Volcano Maki; SYC Smoked Oysters with Baked Kawa, Bonito flakes and Citrus gel

Next on are three SYC Smoked Oysters with Baked Kawa, Bonito flakes and Citrus gel. Presented in a covered dish to trap the smoke, this dish features tender, plump oysters that have been smoked to perfection, marrying the ocean’s briny essence with earthy, smoky undertones. The smoking enhancing the natural sweetness of the oysters that lingers on the palate while bonito flakes offer a whisper of fish-forward notes and citrus gel with its playful acidity, brings bright, zesty notes to the composition.

We segue into a pasta - Capellini with Maine lobster. A generous portion with perfectly al dente capellini and succulent Maine lobster piled in the middle. Pooling on the side is a white wine sauce flavoured with not so subtle heat from dried chili, tang of cherry tomatoes and rich, smoky undertones of pancetta. A zesty lemon foam tops it all. A rare ‘foamy’ pasta experience but it is a very satisfying dish indeed.

The main is Black Onyx Black Angus from Rangers Valley Farms: a 300 gm New York Striploin with a marble score of 3+. Sauce options offer SYC Peppercorn, Red wine, Mushroom and herb, and Kansas BBQ sauce. We opt for the creamy, butteryau poivrebut the perfectly grilled meat needs no sauce at all – each bite of the perfectly cooked medium rare striploin was a revelation – rich, buttery fat melting into the succulent, juicy meat. Dessert has us succumbing to the charms of the Red-Hot Chilli Chocolate – decadent lusciousness with just the right hit of chilli.

The club’s own wine label and private cellar, stocked with old- and new-world vintages, complement the creative cocktails on offer. The only niggles: it can get a bit warm outside and the music needs to reflect current tastes.

Siam Yacht Club at Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers. Open daily from 5pm to 1am. For reservations:, Tel: +662 266 0123;

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Creative cocktails at Siam Yacht Club

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