"Take Your Seat" at The Peninsula Bangkok

April 15, 2023

The Peninsula Bangkok's "Take Your Seat" Exhibition by photographers Randy and Spencer VanDerStarrren

Step into the world of “Take Your Seat” at The Peninsula Bangkok, where the stunning photographs and stories of the Thailand series transport you to the heart of the Land of Smiles. Open to the public until May 31, 2023, this immersive exhibition invites you to explore the soul of Thailand through the lens of Canadian father-and-son photographers Randy and Spencer VanDerStarrren. Inspired by the concept of each person being the director of their own life, the global photographic journey of “Take Your Seat” uses a director’s chair as a symbol of taking control. The exhibition encourages us to connect with each other, our planet, and our best selves.

In their Thailand series, the VanDerStarrrens embarked on four separate expeditions across the country, capturing the essence of its people, landscapes, and traditions. The exhibition at The Peninsula Bangkok offers a visually striking testament to Thailand’s rich cultural tapestry and natural beauty.

Joseph Sampermans, General Manager of The Peninsula Bangkok, reflects on the hotel’s long history on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, saying, “The photographs of Thailand in the this exhibition symbolise our connection to this incredible country we call home in a personal way.”

The VanDerStarrrens expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to photograph Thailand, with Randy VanDerStarren stating, “We cannot say thank you enough to the people of Thailand who so warmly welcomed us as they shared their country and their hearts with us.”

The exhibition experience extends from the hotel’s front lobby to its signature Peninsula Thai-style boats, with large textured murals adorning the gardens. The interactive studio features sound design by celebrated Thai artist, musician, and conservationistNote Panayanggool (NOTEP). Her sound adds a dimension to the work and attempts to complement the feelings the photography evokes.

To learn more about The Peninsula Bangkok’s Artist in Residence programme, visit www.peninsula.com/art. For a guided tour of the Artist Studio at the hotel, contact The Peninsula Bangkok at +66 2020 2888 or email: pbk@peninsula.com.

Canadian father-and-son photographers Randy and Spencer VanDerStarrren

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