What to Expect at the Bangkok Chef Charity Gala Lunch

February 12, 2024

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The Bangkok Chef Charity Gala lunch invites guests to embark on a gastronomic voyage unlike any other. A celebration for food lovers, it artfully blends the finesse of culinary artistry with philanthropy, offering a rare glimpse into the collaborative spirit of the city’s culinary giants via a multi-course meal. This unique event transforms an ordinary lunch into an extraordinary feast, where the magic of Bangkok’s top chefs comes to life. Together, they craft a meal that’s a testament to their collective passion and creativity, turning the gala into a moment of culinary unity and joy. For those who cherish the art of food, this occasion is not just about savouring exceptional dishes; it’s a precious opportunity to witness the warmth and generosity of the cooking community, all while supporting a noble cause. It’s a chance to indulge in an experience where every bite tells a story of compassion and excellence, truly a feast for both the palate and the heart. For foodies, this event presents an unparalleled opportunity to witness a rare convergence of top-tier talent.

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Bite-Sized Wonders – Canapés That Captivate and Delight: The opening act of canapés is nothing short of a culinary spectacle. Crafted by Bangkok’s finest chefs, each canapé is a bite-sized revelation, tantalising taste buds and setting an elevated tone for a lunch committed to both gastronomic innovation and charitable endeavours. From the Jan Ka Pak rice beignet with E-san sausage by Chef Patchara Pirapak of the Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok, to the avant-garde charcoal delicacy with salmon and avocado by Chef Brian Rodriguez of St. Regis Bangkok, the canapés are a testament to the chefs’ creativity and skill. The Allium’s Chef Remi Verrier offers an ode to mushrooms and potatoes with a tiny tart while Chef Itthi Nitayaporn from Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park adds a touch of elegance withWagyu rump tartare & oscietra caviar on a pecorino doughnut. Picking up the thread is Chef Antonio Cortes from Ecole Ducasse Nai Lert Bangkok Studio & Café withGravlax salmon & yuzu and Tiger prawn in champagne sabayon. The culinary journey continues with a nod to plant-based gastronomy by Chef Pongpak Cherngchankit of Chitrlada Culinary Academy in the form of aVegan Krathong Thong. Chef Yodying Phoomcharoen of Hybrid Restaurant & Wine Bar picks up the pace with King mackerel with nam prik kapi and Steamed crab cake curry.The ‘Bikini’, a uniquecabbage-eggplant-mushroomcreation by Chef Ferran Tadeo of Park Hyatt Bangkok, rounds out this extraordinary array. Paired with the effervescent and elegant Robert De Pampignac Champagne Brut from France, the canapés embody the event’s spirit setting the stage for an evening of culinary artistry.

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Small Plates, Big Flavours: Appetisers to Amaze:What follows is a series of appetisers that will intrigue and delight. The Domaine Bernard Millot Les Guets De Bises Aligoté from Burgundy will complement the refreshing cold starters beginning with the vegetarianJalapeno, Tomatillo, and Tomatoby Chef David Hartwig of IGNIV Bangkok andChef Holm Klanehammer of Waldorf Astoria Bangkok followed bymiso-cured Hokkaido scallop tartare by Chef Gerard Villaret Horcajoof Elements at The Okura Prestige Bangkok and Chef Carlo Valenziano of Aman Nai Lert Bangkok. The parade of flavours continues with warm appetisers paired to a rich white:Terra Vita Vinum, Terre De 3, Anjou, Loire, France 2021 -with Chef Arnaud Dunand of Maison Dunand and Chef Phillip Taylor of Shangri-La Bangkok presenting a Prawn Carabienero creation, and Chef Amerigo Sesti of J’AIME at U-Sathorn Bangkok and Chef Andrea Montella of Centara Grand offering an exquisite Phang-Nga squid dish. Rounding off the appetisers isCorn soup with bottarga by Chef Davide Garavaglia ofCôteby Mauro Colagreco,Capella Bangkok & Chef David Senia of Grand Hyatt Erawan.

And Then Come the Mains: As the meal progresses to the main course, guests will be treated to a pan-fried cod in a quinoa crust & spicy Szechuan sauce by Chef Tommy Cheungof Yu Ting Yuan at Four Seasons Bangkok and Chef Lam Yuk Ming of Spring Moon at The Peninsula Hong Kong, followed by a roasted organic chicken ballotine by Chef Dominique Bugnand and Chef Philip Hickman of Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. The Luna Estate Pinot Noir from New Zealand with itsnuanced profileperfectly complements these dishes.

A refreshing sorbet interlude by Chef Arne Riehn of IGNIV Bangkok and Chef Gaetano Palumbo of InterContinental Bangkok sets the stage for the second main course: Roasted Gundagai lamb, acollaborative effort of Chef Albin Gobil from Gaddi’s at The Peninsula Hong Kong and Chef Wilfrid Hocquet from Blue by Alain Duccase. Following this isMiyazaki Wagyu tenderloin byChef Chumpol Jangpraiof R-Haan Restaurant and Chef Yukio Takeda of Tsunami at JW Marriott Bangkok. The lamb and the wagyu are paired with the Esprit De Pavie from Bordeaux, known for its elegant structure and depth.

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The Sweet Conclusion: The dessert course byChef Sylvain Constans from Capella Bangkok and Chef David Bonet of the Lenotre Culinary Arts School Thailand, offers a Lychee honey melba that is both sweet and tangy, while the Petits Fours – Amalfi lemon tartlet & honey – from Chef Franck Istel from Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok and Chef Pablo Gicquel from Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok, will provide a final, exquisite touch, complemented by the Max Ferd Richter Riesling Spatlese.

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This culinary extravaganza is not just a meal; it’s a celebration of talent, taste, and the transformative power of charity.For ticket purchase, priced at Baht 15,000 net per seat, call Pine Yadathip +6686 780 9301. For more information, contact Nuntiya Intralib, Managing Director, Jivanand Company by email: nuntiya@jivanandgroup.com


Jagota Food: The Culinary Backbone of Bangkok Chef Charity Gala

As Bangkok’s top chefs fine-tune their skills for a showcase of culinary brilliance and community unity at the Bangkok Chef Charity Gala Luncheon on February 17, their attention turns naturally to the heart of their craft: the ingredients. In their hands, these are not just raw materials but stars of the show. However, transporting these ingredients from farm to plate is an intricate ballet of sourcing and logistics, a task masterfully orchestrated by Gopal Jagota of Jagota Food, who plays a pivotal role in the success of the Bangkok Chef Charity event.

Gopal Jagota of Jagota Food

Over the years, Gopal has observed the event’s growth and admired its profound ability to bring together the hospitality industry for a grand purpose. “It’s more than just one meal,” he reflects, “It’s a gathering of hearts and minds – from hotels and chefs to general managers, staff, and us, the food importers.” This shared endeavor not only celebrates culinary excellence but also fosters a sense of community and collective contribution towards a worthy cause.

Gopal’s contribution is indispensable to the Bangkok Chef Charity, where his enterprise, Jagota Food, is the linchpin, providing the essential ingredients that are the foundation of the event’s ambitious multi-course menu. “We fulfill the chefs’ visions,” he states, underlining the event’s ethos of nurturing creativity and culinary exploration. The chefs are given carte blanche to work with an array of premium ingredients. The procurement of these ingredients is an art in itself, a blend of global sourcing with a dash of local essence. Jagota elaborates on the diversity of their supply, ranging from select seafood to tender lamb directly from New South Wales farms and organic, herb-fed poultry from Chiang Rai. These ingredients stand as a testament not just to their exceptional quality but also to Jagota Food’s dedication to responsible and ethical sourcing practices.

Addressing the complexities and the dynamic nature of event planning, he notes, “Logistically, we stand ready,” showcasing the robustness of their supply chain and the flexibility of their suppliers to offer alternatives when necessary. This agility and preparedness underscore the seamless orchestration behind the scenes, ensuring the event’s culinary creations come to life without a hitch. When discussing the financial nuances of the event, Jagota sees it through the lens of corporate social responsibility intertwined with a genuine sense of community solidarity. “It encompasses a bit of everything,” he remarks. For him, the gala is far more than a mere showcase for new offerings; it’s an altruistic endeavour that enriches the wider community.

Looking to the future, Gopal imagines the event as a source of inspiration, aspiring to forge a legacy of togetherness and giving that transcends the boundaries of Bangkok, potentially setting a precedent for other cities and sectors. “It’s about inspiring and creating a lasting impact,” he muses, hopeful that the event will not only persist in its growth but also spark a broader movement of collaborative benevolence. Gopal Jagota emphasises the core essence of the Bangkok Chef Charity: it is an act of generosity from all involved, crafting an unmatched gastronomic journey. This initiative transcends mere profit or marketing motives; it is about pooling resources for a noble purpose, thereby elevating Bangkok’s culinary scene and fostering a culture of philanthropy within the industry.


Tops Wine Cellar: Blending Philanthropy and Fine Wine

At the intersection of philanthropy and gourmet meals stands Tops Wine Cellar lending its support to Bangkok Chef Charity. A step that underlines their dedication to enriching the local scene, not just through exceptional wines but also through philanthropic efforts. A division of the Thai supermarket chain Tops by Central Food Retail, Tops Wine Cellar spearheaded by Rasmus Poll, is challenging the conventional narrative of supermarket wine retail in Thailand. Rasmus speaks with pride about the evolution of the cellar from a mere department within a supermarket to a standalone brand, replete with a curated selection of over 800 wine labels sourced directly from wineries. This shift is not just in scale but also in philosophy. The focus on small, family-owned wineries, and those committed to sustainable winemaking, reflects a deeper understanding and appreciation of wine culture.

Rasmus Poll of Tops Wine Cellar

This February’s Bangkok Chef Charity Luncheon Gala will put the spotlight on Tops Wine Cellar and the new direction it has taken, an endeavour it has supported for five of the 11 editions. “It’s a great charity and it aligns with our CSV values,” says Rasmus candidly adding, “The Charity Gala makes a lot of sense for us. It offers us a stage to showcase our eclectic collection paired with culinary masterpieces from top chefs.”

The event itself is a gourmet’s delight – leading chefs present their culinary masterpieces, paired meticulously with an array of wines from the cellar’s extensive collection. This partnership of food and beverage is not just about taste, but also a testament to the supermarket’s commitment to elevating the wine experience in Thailand. The gala is more than a showcase; it’s an interactive, collaborative experiment in gastronomy. Chefs and the wine team work together, tasting and selecting wines that best complement each dish. “We have a pretty clear idea of which direction we want to go with each dish,” Rasmus explains, emphasising the importance of the right pairing.

This event also serves as a crucible for customer engagement. With an audience of 350, including potential and existing customers, Tops Wine Cellar has a unique opportunity to deepen relationships and introduce new palates to their selection. Rasmus is particularly excited about introducing attendees to unique selections, like an organic Chenin Blanc from Loire Valley and a German Riesling that holds a special place in his heart, “It is a fantastic chance to deepen our existing relationships and introduce our diverse wine selection to potential customers.”

For Rasmus and his company the charity event is more than just business or philanthropy; it’s a strategic step towards a larger goal — reshaping Thailand’s wine culture. By exposing a diverse audience to a wide range of wines, Tops Wine Cellar is gradually shifting perceptions and expanding the horizons of Thai wine enthusiasts. It’s about crafting a new, engaging narrative in the world of wine… it is about weaving tales of taste, culture, and connections.

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