Nuntiya Intralib on why Bangkok Chef Charity matters

February 02, 2024

Nuntiya Intralib, Managing Director of Jivanand Company Limited

The Bangkok Chef Charity Fundraising Gala is set to return on 17 February 2024 at the Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok’s Royal Ballroom, with Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn gracing the occasion. The charity event, returning after a hiatus, brings together culinary expertise to support the Debaratana Vejjanukula Foundation, instrumental in improving healthcare and educational facilities in underprivileged areas.

Under the stewardship of Nuntiya Intralib, Managing Director of Jivanand Company Limited, the gala luncheon features an unprecedented collaboration between chefs from 11 Michelin-starred restaurants and hotels in Bangkok and Hong Kong, as well as three premier culinary academies of Bangkok. In total, 32 chefs will create the 10-course meal.

Nuntiya’s inspiration for reviving this event post-COVID stems from a desire to make a tangible difference in the lives of those in remote areas by improving their access to education and healthcare and spotlighting the resilience and vibrancy of Thailand’s food industry. She says, “After four quiet years due to the pandemic, it’s wonderful to bring this charity gala back to highlight the food industry. This is the first time that 32 chefs are cooking together for a good cause, and if I can play a small part in helping our country, it makes me happy. This is our chance to make a real difference, to improve lives with our collective effort. Our event is more than a gala; it’s a movement of unity and compassion. I want everyone involved to feel they’re part of a larger mission, where every gesture of support strengthens our community. Together, we’re celebrating the spirit of giving and directly impacting lives where it matters most.”

Expanding on the gala’s highlights, she explains, “We’ve invited a mix of chefs celebrated for their distinctive techniques, to ensure every dish shines. The real magic happens with the unique collaborations as chefs blend their expertise to create truly exceptional dishes, making each course memorable. Personally, I’m excited to try the dessert. After indulging in 16 canapés and a 9-course meal, the idea that you can still enjoy dessert is remarkable. It’s light, feels fresh, and is the perfect combination to finish off such an extensive gourmet menu.”

The idea of the Chefs’ Charity, Nuntiya reveals, was sparked by a desire to make a tangible difference in the lives of those in remote areas by enhancing their access to education and healthcare. A simple wish of children in a remote village for walls to protect their school from the rain set the ball rolling. “It was a stark reminder of the basic necessities many of us take for granted,” Nuntiya reflected, emphasising the event’s commitment to improving lives through collective effort.

This year’s gala also celebrates Thai produce like the ‘Royal Rice’ or ‘Khao Hom Mali 105’, specifically the Jun Ka Pak Jasmine Rice and locally grown vegetables. “The event is a showcase for the high quality of Thai produce and the ethos of ‘Thai help Thai’,” adds Nuntiya.

The gala also provides a platform for young chefs from international schools to collaborate with seasoned professionals. “This inclusion serves as a learning platform for the next generation of chefs and adds a dynamic element to the event,” says Nuntiya, underscoring the importance of nurturing young talent.

The unveiling of a new logo, designed by a student from Chitrlada Academy, symbolises rebirth, purity, and growth, principles that resonate deeply with the gala’s mission. The involvement of sponsors (like Jagota and Tops Wine), crucial to the event’s success, underscores a shared commitment to making a difference.

As the event gears up to support the Debaratana Vejjanukula Foundation, Nuntiya looks forward to setting a new precedent in the food industry. “The gala not only supports the post-pandemic recovery of the Thai culinary industry but also serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of care and commitment in improving lives. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those in need, fostering a future marked by health, education, and prosperity for all,” she concluded, echoing a sentiment of hope and collective endeavour that defines the essence of the 2024 Bangkok Chef Charity Fundraising Gala.

The 2024 Bangkok Chef Charity is supported by Tops Wine Cellar, Evian, Jagota Brothers Trading Co., Ltd., Premium Food, Lucaris, Clement Design Thailand who has contributed specially designed jackets for all participating chefs, Knightsbridge Group, Krungthep Light Orchestra, RP Media Group and Krinbourne Kommunications.

For ticket purchase, priced at Baht 15,000 nett per seat, call Pine Yadathip +6686 780 9301. For more information, contact Nuntiya Intralib, Managing Director, Jivanand Company by

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