The Maestra of Scent and her Siamese Dreams in Paris - Parfums Dusita

January 10, 2024

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Amidst the Parisian élan of the Rue de la Sourdière, poetic alchemy transpires behind the discreet black façade of the atelie rParfums Dusita. Here, Pissara’ Ploi Uma’ Umavijani, the Maestra of scent, has bottled the intangible - the essence of joy, the aroma of hidden gardens, the whisper of silk in the wind - and poured these wonders into flacons of pure delight. This is where French chic meets Siamese dreams, a crossroads of culture and craft that has yielded exquisite perfumes for the beau monde.

Pissara’s path from the heart of Bangkok to the cobbled streets of the City of Lights reads like a story penned by fate’s hand. A tale spun from the threads of her father’s poetry, the late Montri Umavijani, whose verses danced among the greats and instilled in her a love for the arts that transcends mediums. In this snug corner of the 1st arrondissement, a stone’s throw from the historic Jardin des Tuileries, Pissara has woven her heritage into a tapestry of scents that speak of both the past and the present.

Pissara grew up in Thailand surrounded by books and her father’s poetry. Inspired by scents, she began blending and creating her perfumes. She dreamt of opening her own ‘Maison de Parfum’, and in 2011, she brought her dreams and creations to Paris. After first teaching herself the science of fragrance, she has continued to produce her collection of exclusive scents with a leading fragrance production house in Grasse. Parfums Dusita launched in 2016, becoming France’s newest Maison de Haute Parfumerie.

At the heart of the boutique, nestled in the Saint Honoré district, every fragrance is a narrative waiting to be explored. Each creation begins as a sketch, a flurry of pencil and watercolour that captures the mood Pissara wishes to distil. From these drawings emerge perfumes that are not just worn but experienced - a journey through the senses that culminates in a personal story for each who dabs them on their wrists.

Says Ploi, “My goal is to create happiness in each Dusita creation. I aim to create radiantly beautiful, unforgettable fragrances that showcase supreme-quality raw materials. Perfumes with a true and profound emotional impact, where evergreen French sophistication meets traditional Siamese elegance. All our extraits and eaux de parfum are olfactory tributes to the poetry of my father Montri Umavijani (1941-2006). He loved travelling around the world, motivated by his wish to communicate with people of different nationalities and backgrounds. To us, both poetry and perfume are means of connecting with others; they stir the imagination and uplift the spirit. Inspired by my father’s life-long quest for the joy and peace of mind that the heavenly paradise ‘Dusita’ promises, our perfumes evoke earthly happiness.”

Parfums Dusita’s creations are not mere products; they are sonnets of scent, ballads of bottled passion. Pissara’s craft is her ode to the world, a harmonious blend where French sophistication waltzes flawlessly with Thai grace. Her atelier is more than a shop; it is a salon of dreams where every fragrance is a muse, every bottle a masterpiece.

Pissara’s journey - from the bustling streets of Bangkok to the heart of haute parfumerie - is a testament to her unyielding spirit. Her self-taught mastery, a defiant triumph over the traditional gates of perfumery, has seen her rise and be lauded with awards.

As Paris unfurls its artistic canvas before her, Pissara reciprocates with creations that are both a homage to her roots and a love letter to her adopted home. Her atelier is a sanctuary where every flacon is steeped in narrative, every scent a chapter of life’s grand novel.

For those who seek to immortalize their affections in the scent of roses or the breath of peonies, the Dusita Valentine’s Box awaits - a curated selection that promises to captivate the heart. It is a celebration of love in its most aromatic form and the opportunity to own a piece of Pissara’s paradise, where every fragrance is a journey, every note a memory. Check out the collection HERE.

Dusita Valentine's Box

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