Why I Won't Be Playing Ketchup with Kate Spade - The Kate Spade x Heinz Collection - But Will You?

June 28, 2024

Tote, crossbody bag and T-Shirt

Fashion finds inspiration everywhere — from the world’s most beautiful destinations to our everyday routines. But who would have thought it could also be found on a sauce packet? Then again, Andy Warhol did paint the Campbell’s soup can, so who am I to question it?

This summer, New York-based designer label Kate Spade has teamed up with food brand Heinz in an unlikely partnership. The Kate Spade x Heinz collection features limited-edition accessories and apparel, blending Heinz’s signature red shade with Kate Spade’s quirky fashion sensibilities. Dubbed ‘condiment couture,’ this collection lets ketchup lovers flaunt their favourite sauce and fashionistas add a red-hot touch to their wardrobe.

The Kate Spade x Heinz designer collection includes totes, pouches, small leather goods, ready-to-wear tees, footwear, keychains, phone cases, and more in the iconic Heinz red. But the ‘showstopper’ is the tearaway sachet iconography, complete with a squiggle of ketchup.

Do I really want to look like the sauce packet in my kitchen drawer? Maybe not. But I must admit, that red tote is perfect for grocery shopping.

“At kate spade new york, we believe in exploring the journey of self-expression through style in fun, unexpected ways.It’s the thoughtful details that bring this collection with Heinz to life; from the embellishment on the tee to the way our 3D ketchup bag looks just like that classic red and white packet. The playful designs are perfect for all of summer’s special moments, capturing the spirit of the season,” says Jennifer Lyu, SVP and Head of Design at Kate Spade New York.

The limited-edition Kate Spade x Heinz collection, priced between US$45 to US$398, is available at select Kate Spade New York stores and on the official brand website.

Fashion is about to get punchy this season, and it’s all thanks to condiment corture. On second thoughts, you might catch me with the red sauce packet wristlet.

Scarf, phone case, charm and keychain

Hannah NakaMura
Hannah navigates the world on her own terms, stopping only if something catches her eye.

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