Bottega Veneta Goes Paparazzi with Kendall Jenner

December 08, 2023

Kendall's Doberman steps out sporting the Intrecciato Pet Lead

Kendall Jenner is the new face of Bottega Veneta’s latest paparazzi-style campaign, which favours candid imagery over traditional staged photoshoots. The Italian luxury brand’s Pre-Spring ‘24 collection comes to life in the day-to-day of the elder Jenner, who exudes effortless fashion. Her familiarity with the paparazzi translates into a seamless showcase of casual grace and haute couture.

Bottega Veneta’s craftsmanship, renowned for its meticulous Intrecciato weave, finds a contemporary canvas in Kendall’s candid captures. She brings unassuming sophistication to the Shearling Belted Coat, a coveted piece not yet available to the public. Her sartorial choices are a masterclass in high-low mixing, pairing a timeless blazer and baggy jeans with the brand’s Orbit Sneakers and the sleek Gemelli bag in hand.

bottega veneta the front row2

Adding a whimsical twist, Kendall’s Doberman steps out sporting the Intrecciato Pet Lead, emblematic of Bottega Veneta’s vision of modern luxury, tinged with a nostalgic nod to early 2000s fashion reporting—a perfect match for a brand eschewing the social media spotlight.

Kendall’s penchant for the trench is evident; she is seen sporting an array of Bottega Veneta outerwear. The Tech Nylon Jacket and the Wool Twill Trench are featured prominently, alongside an unreleased tailored jacket that speaks to the brand’s forward-looking aesthetic.

The new campaign, which also stars A$AP Rocky, captures the duo amidst their everyday lives, from mundane errands to moments of fan frenzy.

The raw appeal of paparazzi photography is harnessed to present a line that resonates with ease and sophistication. It blurs the lines between staged and spontaneous, inviting onlookers to a unique fashion narrative where the clothing is not just seen but is believed to be a part of the stars’ genuine wardrobes.

Kendall’s penchant for the trench is evident

Mint-Green Fur Coat;  sequin turtleneck dress

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