Garden to Glass: A Thirst-Quenching Adventure at Six Senses Samui

December 04, 2023

Exploring the Farm on the Hill

Welcome to the verdant, sun-kissed slopes of Six Senses Samui, where your typical cocktail hour can morph into an enchanting foray into mixology, thanks to their unique ‘Garden to Glass’ workshop. It all begins with a trip to Farm on the Hill to gather the botanicals to create your very own masterpiece in a glass. Whatever the end result, every sip of the drink you create tells a story of nature, nurture, sustainability and a dash of creativity.

The Misadventures of Mixology: My experience started with a mocktail that didn’t quite hit the mark. Picture this: a glass filled with an ambitious concoction of local ingredients that somehow missed the memo of harmony. I was seduced by the red of the roselle, but the less said about that mocktail the better. But as they say, the journey is as important as the destination. This initial fumble was a stepping stone to a tequila masterpiece, even if I say it myself, infused with smashed basil and zesty local limes (somsa), handpicked from the farm. Brightened with a splash of soda for the fizz, I garnished it with basil flowers. The result: was earthy, zesty and utterly refreshing.

Meanwhile, my partner embarked on a daring culinary-mixology crossover. Inspired by the fragrant curry leaves from the farm, he stirred up a storm in a glass – coconut rum with chilli slit down the centre for some heat, smashed curry leaves and a spritz of freshly squeezed lime. A nod to South India, this drink was an unexpected delight, much like the adventures that await at Six Senses Samui.

Sumeet Kumar, Director of Food & Beverages at Six Senses Samui

The Essence of ‘Garden to Glass’: Guided by Sumeet Kumar, the Director of Food & Beverages, this workshop is the perfect segue into the cocktail hour.It all begins at the Farm on the Hill where the air is thick with the aroma of fresh herbs and the promise of discovery. You gather the herbs that inspire and head to the next stop: Drinks on the Hill. Here the ingredients of the bar are laid out and all you have to do is put your imagination into the cocktail shaker. Sumeet believes in the transformative power of this experience, as guests delve into the world of flavours, crafting drinks that are as unique as their creators. He says, “Guests embark on a sensory journey during this workshop. This workshop inspires you to create your own recipes and build a drink from the garden. But if you are stuck for ideas, we have plenty to share.”Their Tamarind Margarita I’m told is immensely popular.

Harvesting botanicals; making straws from lemongrass

He adds, “At Six Senses Samui, our philosophy extends beyond mere gastronomy. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of our operations. From minimising waste by converting it into compost and charcoal to ensuring that our menus are 90% locally sourced, we believe in the harmony of luxury and ecological responsibility.”

Join the Adventure: As the sun sets over the tranquil waters of Samui, the Garden to Glass workshop is more than just a lesson in mixology. It’s a celebration of local flavours, sustainable practices, and the sheer joy of creation. So, whether you’re a cocktail aficionado or a curious explorer, sign up for this experience at Six Senses Samui. Beyond an afternoon well-spent, it is about understanding and appreciating the intricate relationship between nature, nourishment, and the joy of crafting something truly unique. And if you impress Sumeet enough, he might just put your creation on the menu.

The location of the masterclass: Drinks on the Hill

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