FENDI's Peekaboo Shearling Interlace: The Bag Evolution We Didn't Know We Needed

October 10, 2023

Fendi's  Peekaboo Shearling Interlace Capsule

As the landscape of fashion continually shifts, there remains a constant — FENDI’s prowess in reimagining timeless classics. This Autumn/Winter 2023, the scene is set with a fresh twist to the iconic Peekaboo bag, and we are here to unpack this masterful creation.

The Peekaboo Shearling Interlace Capsule is, in every essence, a refined celebration of style and craftsmanship. Moving away from the iconic leather strips, FENDI introduces an enchanting shearling evolution, a texture that exudes winter elegance. Paired with a colour palette that dances between timeless neutrals and muted dusty tones, this bag is a veritable chameleon, ready to accompany any ensemble. The timeless allure of neutral hues is accentuated by delicate whispers of dusty tones—think bicolour juxtapositions marrying white with taupe, warm brandy hues with taupe, and dark brown complementing light blue. A splash of an exuberant pink graces the ton sur ton interlace, offering an unexpected delight.

A feast for the eyes, the Peekaboo ISeeU Petite versions echo the enchanting colour palette but distinguish themselves with a plain shearling quadrant. To elevate the look further, matching shearling straps, Nano Peekaboo charms, and a glimmering golden chain strap are made available for those who thrive in the art of accessorizing.

Drawing one into its intricacy, the interlace workmanship is an embodiment of artisanal prowess. This masterpiece is where traditional leather craft meets FENDI’s unmatched expertise in shearling. Each shearling strip, hand-woven with precision into drilled leather panels, creates an ethereal blend between pattern and embroidery.

Fendi's  Peekaboo Shearling Interlace Capsule

Dedicated artisans transform shearling and fur into mesmerizing lightweight wonders, often camouflaging them, making them as pliant as fabric or leather. With both quadrants of the Peekaboo bag lavishly interlaced, this craftsmanship extends its allure to functional purposes, with lace-up piping on the sides sealing the masterpiece.

The journey of crafting the Peekaboo interlace is one paved with dedication. A discerning eye scans the shearling for the perfect quadrant, ensuring no flaw remains. Following this, the shearling is adorned with holes, destined to unite the different parts of the bag and ornament the panels. The process then culminates in an exquisite hand-stitched assembly, bringing the Peekaboo to life.

With an astonishing 15 hours of handwork, the Peekaboo ISeeU Medium is born—complete with 630 meticulously drilled holes and about 4.5 metres of shearling and leather. Its smaller counterpart, the Small version, is crafted with equal love over 11 hours, featuring 412 holes and utilizing over 3 meters of shearling and leather.

Silvia Venturini Fendi, the creative genius behind this masterpiece and FENDI’s Artistic Director of Accessories and Menswear, has been breathing life into the Peekaboo since 2008. A testament to Roman craftsmanship and FENDI’s inherent feminine touch, the Peekaboo epitomizes sophistication, unparalleled excellence, and an unwavering commitment to the art of materials. This autumn, as the world embraces the chill, warm your heart with FENDI’s Peekaboo Shearling Interlace Capsule. Available globally in FENDI boutiques and on fendi.com, marking FENDI Icon’s Day, October 10th, 2023.

Embrace the evolution. Embrace FENDI’s Peekaboo Shearling Interlace.

Fendi's  Peekaboo Shearling Interlace Capsule

Fendi's  Peekaboo Shearling Interlace Capsule

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