Hermès: In love with Toucans

January 18, 2022

In the Americas toucans symbolise love. The toucan’s beak, Aztecs believed, was created from rainbows – a reward for being messengers of the gods. For many South American tribes, the toucan is a sacred bird. Latin America believes that the toucan travels between the spirit world and the realm of the living. As spirit guides, the birds remind you to celebrate your gifts, give into your creativity and step into the spotlight. The much eulogised birds even have a constellation of six stars celebrating their beak: Tucana.

Illustrator Katie Scott has created her own legend of the toucans reimagining the bird as a mythical creature in her illustration for Hermes. Renowned for her botanical and animal plates, Katie’s imaginary birds chirp proudly – singing perhaps of their status as kings of the woods! To the toucan’s decorative plumage, Katie adds the drama characteristic of the bird-of-paradise and the peacock, underlining the exotic. The result is an imaginary species with ornamental plumage that splash across the Hermès scarf and more.

The Hermès Toucans de Paradis Scarf in silk twill shimmers with three of Katie Scott’s birds splashed across in jewel tones. Hermès even created a limited edition (of 24) watch as a tribute to Henri d’Origny’s 1978 Arceau watch and Katie Scott’s 2020 Toucans de Paradis scarf. This Arceau watch has a dial with toucans embroidered on in silk thread – that is 500 individual silk threads, each dial assembled by hand. The case is white gold embellished with 82 diamonds. No, you won’t find this watch on the market easily. But you can get the enamel bangle: Dessus Dessous Toucans de Paradis bangle with gold plated hardware. If all else fails, there’s the Toucans de Paradis ashtray in porcelain with hand-painted gold trim and velvet goatskin base. Discover more at Hermes.com.

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