Feel Those Jungle Vibes

November 23, 2020

Living room decor from Jungle Emporium

Launched this month is an exquisite curation of handcrafted décor and furniture by Singapore-based Juliane Bailey: The Jungle Emporium, sourced from sustainable, family-run businesses throughout Asia and Europe.Think conversation starters like coral-inspired celadon candelabras from Chiang Mai, tiger-emblazoned wool carpets from Kashmir, rattan elephant side tables from Java and vintage Murano bowls from Italy. While most of the collection is sourced within Asia, several European treasures – ceramics, glassware and cutlery from Spain, Italy and France also make the list.

For Juliana, “The Jungle Emporium reflects everything I love about travel and the little discoveries that instantly transport us back to a favourite place or experience. Every object speaks to a strong spirit of passion and authenticity, of pieces that I personally connect with. It’s my way of sharing all the treasures that I’ve come across on my travels in Asia and beyond.”

The Jungle Emporium is exclusively online, although travelling pop-ups are planned with the first one in Singapore’s The Yurt, Dempsey Hill.

Home decor from Jungle emporium

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